Full Interior Design Service

At Maisha Design we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a fully managed interior design service. Maisha Design’s team of interior designers are experts in interior and spatial design and work passionately to create a unique layout that not only optimises your living experience, but also reflects your personality.  We have extensive experience reconfiguring not only residential properties, but also Hotels, Spas, Restaurants and offices and very much welcome a challenge.

We follow a specific design process to ensure we always deliver very high standards in our projects. This can be broken down into four phases.

Phase 1 - Concept

All our projects begin with a concept that allows us to encapsulate the vision for your space and guides us in choosing the layout, finishes and furniture as the project progresses.

Phase 2 - Design

The second phase entails the planning and layout of your tailor-made space, focusing on your personal style and requirements. We will provide you with detailed floor plans, sections and technical drawings for any proposed bespoke joinery. To aid you in visualising our proposed layout we can also provide you with CGIs. 

Phase 3 – Procurement and specification

Once the layout is finalised Maisha Design will source the perfect furniture, fabric, finishes and materials to complete your property. We always present these on a beautiful and comprehensive sample board completed with a breakdown of the cost, to ensure you know exactly what we have specified. Once this has been approved we will carry out the procurement of these objects and coordinate delivery dates and quality control. For any bespoke pieces, Maisha Design will always supervise the production thereof, to ensure the highest quality.  

Phase 4  - Project management

During the last phase we will ensure all our drawings and designs are interpreted accurately. Our team will oversee and manage the implementation of our design on site and ensure all contractors follow the drawings meticulously and to the high standards we require. Maisha Design is also able to recommend a team of trusted tradesmen to carry out your project, if this were to be required. 

Interior Decoration Service

In contrast to the full interior design service, the interior decoration service concentrates on re-styling your home and only includes minimal structural work. This is perfect for clients who already love the layout of their home but want to create a beautiful living space and update the style of their property.  In this service only phase 1 and 3 above will be included.